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Advanced Life Systems is a primary advanced life support ambulance company serving the Yakima Valley

We offer a wide variety of ambulance transport services to meet the needs of our community. This is done through six strategically located stations within Yakima city limits. Each station has an equipped advanced life support (ALS) ambulance, stocked with a minimum of one paramedic and one emergency medical technician basic or intermediate.

Emergent 911 Response

         Advanced Life Systems is a primary 911 responder for Yakima County. Every year we respond to thousands of emergency calls for service through the county 911 system. The majority of our response occurs within Yakima city limits, however we also provide emergent response to Gleed, Naches, Naches Heights, Tieton, Cowiche, Selah, Moxee, Terrace Heights, West Valley, East Valley, Nile, Union Gap, and Highland on a very regular basis. We occasionally also respond to the Lower Valley for 911 service depending on the location of the call, and location of the nearest ALS ambulance. Fully stocked Advanced Life Support ambulances equipped with the latest technology and highly trained emergency responders are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet the needs of our community. We strive to always provide rapid response times and compassionate advanced care to our patients when they need us the most.

Non-Emergent/Emergent Interfacility Response

          When an ambulance is needed for transport to the hospital or other specialized care facility ALS is available at all hours of the day and night. Either by appointment or even just a quick phone call, an ambulance will be dispatched to your home, care facility, or hospital, and a crew of highly trained Paramedics and EMTs will be available at your side to ensure you have the best standard in ambulance care to your destination. These transports mainly occur for doctors appointments, dialysis treatments, chemotherapy/radiation treatments and for other specialized care where transport to the destination would be unsafe or impractical unless trained emergency responders were at hand to ensure patient safety. To set up appointments for transport, please call (509)574-8444 and our friendly and compassionate dispatchers will help complete your request. If you are a nursing home, assisted care facility, hospital or doctors office representative interested in establishing a contract with Advanced Life Systems for your resident’s/patient’s transport needs, please contact our Operational Manager Brian Ireton, who will be happy to assist with all your questions.

Bariatric Transports

          Advanced life systems supplies one of the only bariatric ambulance in Yakima and all of Central Washington. These specialized units are designed for the safety, comfort and dignity of our bariatric patients. The stretcher used in these units can safely and efficiently support up to 1600 pounds, which is more than most standard ambulance stretchers. Instead of lifting a patient into the ambulance, a ramp is deployed and the patient is safely loaded through a pulley system which reduces the risk of injury to our patients and responders. This unit is used for both emergency 911 response and scheduled interfacility response.

Event Standby

          Upon request, Advanced Life Systems can provide a professional ambulance standby for your event at very competitive prices. Depending on your needs, our ambulance will carry a minimum of 1-2 EMTs, or an EMT and Paramedic combination. Some events with which we have assisted in the past include high school football games, and other large community gatherings. Please contact (509)574-8444 and ask for Operational Manager Peter South, if you would like more information or would like to schedule a standby.

We often provide scheduled/unscheduled services for:
•Urgent Care Centers
•Skilled Nursing Facilities
•Long Term Care Facilities
•Assisted Living Facilities
•Psychiatric Facilities
•Dialysis Centers
•Diagnostic Centers
•Home Health Agencies

Cabulance Service
Advanced Life systems is proud to now offer “Cabulance” service to the greater Yakima area. A Cabulance, or wheelchair van, is a specially designed vehicle used to transport individuals considered medically stable but still require a mode of transportation that allows them to remain in a sitting/wheelchair position. The Cabulance is equipped with a hydraulic lift that allows the operator to bring the patient in and out without taking them off their wheelchair. The wheelchair is then secured with tie-downs and the patient is seat-belted.
     In the event of a medical emergency, our friendly and knowledgeable Cabulance operators are EMTs as well, and able to provide basic medical care until an ambulance arrives. A Cabulance can be used to transport individuals to and from doctors appointments, specialized treatments centers, or anywhere else that requires the individual to remain seated in a wheelchair throughout their trip. This vehicle allows for great ease of access for the individual, instead of attempting to transfer into a normal vehicle from the wheelchair seat.
     For more information on our new service, and to find out our competitive rates, please call (509)574-8444. Our dispatchers will be happy to assist with any questions or comments. If you would like to schedule a transport by Cabulance you may also call the above number at any time.

                              Please call (509)574-8444 to Request Transport by Ambulance.

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